Monday, December 10, 2007

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My creation
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Saturday, December 1, 2007

#23 The last Post

Yep, it's the end of the trail for Web 2.0. I started off with a hiss and a roar, although I was uncertain about the reasoning behind the exercises and the application of many of them. By the end in 85% of the exercises, I had sorted out the rationale of me doing it and could see where it fitted in with regards to my job. The other 15% must be good for me - like eating vegetables perhaps! I hated the Technorati exercise (continuing the vegetable analogy, they are the peas of the programme!)
The programme got easier as I went through it which was good and was probably an indication of increased confidence, rather than increased ability.
Over and Out,

#9 Locate a few useful Library related blogs and /or news feeds

I actually did this weeks ago but hadn't blogged it so I had to revisit it. In truth, I prefer adding rss feeds directly from specific publications etc for specific things like books reviews rather than use the search tools as I found them on the whole clumsy. I could not access Feedster today so looked at Syndic8 which I thought was easy to use, though not very pretty! It had a comment bit so discussions were going on - a chance to put your tuppence worth in - which is a plus really as it gets the brain working. It also had a new feed section and I found Marin County Free Library there and had a look at that. I looked at Topix which is for news I thought was the easiest to access. I put in Emma Agnew and got 2,217 hits which was brilliant really (heavens knows what I'd get if I put in Madelaine McCann). I remain unimpressed with Technorati which I think is cumbersome to use.

E- books

Confession: I have never looked at e-books on the basis that I like reading hard copies. After I signed in and got myself an account, I went exploring and found a wide range of subjects. I added some to my favourites . The book I would like to read is 'Britain, Soviet Russia and the Collapse of the Versailles Order, 1919-1939' . My impressions of NetLibrary were postive: its easy to use, and easy to subscribe to. I now will use it to find suitable material for the public.


An interesting exercise - the explanation was good regarding what it was. I looked at the three links and typed in the search term 'library' in each. The Podcastalley,com had "The library survival guide' and I managed to get it going and listen to it. I then subscribed to it and added it to my Bloglines Account as an rss feed - and it works!!


Played with this - did a Andy Griffith search and played a couple of the scenes - in fact played a lot of the scenes, because I got into it. I liked all of them but the opening theme with the signature tune was pure nostalgia. Also put in a keyword search for museum and got a brilliant takeoff of the Creationist museum and dinosaurs with some American rednecks starring in it. U-tube is a good resource for searching for specific footage. There didn't seem to be any problem with copyright re uploading the videos and putting them somewhere else.